Why is gold the perfect metal?

One of the most beneficial properties of gold is that it doesn't react with oxygen and therefore doesn't tarnish in the same way as silver. This makes gold the perfect metal to use in jewelry and any other item that you want to keep looking shiny and new. Gold is a very good conductor of heat and electricity, making it an ideal choice for Gold IRA brokers. Since gold never corrodes and can be molded into any shape, it is used to manufacture long-lasting electrical connectors in all types of devices. Gold doesn't corrode and can melt on a flame, making it easy to work with and seal it as currency.

Silver and gold are beautiful metals that are easy to turn into jewelry, and both precious metals have their own devotees in fine jewelry circles. Copper and silver are the best conductors, but gold connections last longer than both because they don't tarnish. It's not that gold lasts longer, but that it stays conductive for longer. The walls of the Golden Room are covered with approximately 28 square meters (300 square feet) of 23-carat gold leaf representing 3 ounces of gold metal.

Gold is also very rare. If all the gold in the world were to melt, it would fit within the confines of an Olympic swimming pool. Gold is also portable and divisible; dividing it doesn't change its value, unlike other metals, such as diamonds. Gold can stimulate a subjective personal experience, but it can also be objectified if adopted as an exchange system.

Gold is the metal we'll turn to when other forms of currency don't work, which means that gold will always have value in difficult and good times. Finally, gold cannot be counterfeited or inflated; central banks cannot reproduce gold as they do with fiat currencies. An ounce of gold can be drawn on 80 kilometers (50 miles) of thin gold wire, five microns or five millionths of a meter thick.